Despite having good intentions, I keep getting distracted from producing issue 4 of Alligator Stew. My latest distraction is the Suitcase Library.

I’m very excited by this project and it will see work from not only my press, but also from other artisans of the small press and book art community.

If you have some spare change and want poetry that will give you a shaft of light with which to see the world anew, then get yourself a copy of the hand bound collection by Howie Good The Death of Me. Limited in number but not in ideas.


Sorry if you’ve come here for news of the Stew, but I hope you instead find something else to occupy you.


Best wishes




Pig Ear Press 
New release, old(er) releases and an Alligator Stew update

New Releases

Fire Island- Joseph Ridgwell

Firstly, I am pleased to announce the release of Joseph Ridgwell’s poetry collection ‘Fire Island’. Limited to only 25 copies, it is hand sewn into letterpress printed wraps (red ink offset over gold) and is housed in a black envelope with the title letterpress printed in gold. The collection contains 14 poems about Joe’s experience of the Cape Verde Islands and includes an introduction by the poet. A hardback edition will be released later this year, but for now you can snap up a copy of the soft cover for £6.00 (including postage to anywhere worldwide). You can purchase this book through

Maintenance and death- Harry Calhoun

The first publication by an individual poet to be released through the Press was Harry Calhoun’s collection ‘Maintenance and death’. This is the first mailing regarding this book, yet of the 50 produced only 10 copies remain. The book has received universal praise:

“Maintenance and Death is one of the best chapbooks I’ve seen and read–the beauty of the book itself and the poetry within just blew me away. I just got back from a writing retreat and couldn’t help but bring it along and show it off.” — Kevin Ridgeway, poet, California, USA

I think what I appreciate most, and what draws me to your poetry, is the way you seamlessly write about the layers of what on the surface appears like mundane daily occurrences. Truly enjoying Maintenance and Death.” — Julie Taylor, North Carolina, USA

36pp, Letterpress printed cover in gold, vellum paper title page, and handsewn binding. Each copy has pages from a 1960’s DIY magazine pasted onto the reverse of the cover, making each copy unique. The book is £10.00 (including postage to anywhere!). Visit to purchase.



This year saw the third issue of Alligator Stew released and it contains some excellent poetry and illustration by both established poets and artists and some new faces too (see contributors in photo below). Limited to 50 copies, there are still some copies remaining, so pop along to as there will be no re-prints.



Later this year will see the release of a poetry collection from NYC poet Howie Good, ‘The Death of Me’, and a collection of short stories from Canadian writer Stephen Hines (title to be confirmed). In addition, I will once again be opening for submissions in the near future for issue 4 of Alligator Stew. If you have submitted for Alligator Stew since the release of issue three, then I apologise if you have not received a response. I will be responding to those submissions later this week.

I wish everyone, who has been kind enough to read this far, a very happy second half to the year!

Best wishes

Mr Lally
Pig Ear Press 

Alligator Stew Issue 3 is now ready for purchase! You can access links to some of the contributors websites from the side bar. They are all worth investigating.

If you would like to head to you can pick yourself up a copy (go to ‘Buy Books!’). Out of the 50 available 30 have been pre-sold, so get in quick as there are no second runs.

Pig Ear Press is my new venture, and very shortly copies of Harry Calhoun’s book ‘Maintenance and death’ will be available for purchase. There are also forthcoming titles from Stephen Hines, Joseph Ridgwell, and Howie Good. The website is a work in progress, so don’t judge me too harshly, but check out the Stew page for a little video of the cover printing.

Thank you

Mr Lally

It feels like yesterday that I was taking submissions for issue 3, and now, approximately four months later than intended, I can confirm that the contributor copies have shipped and copies are available for pre-order. I have no idea how quickly the 50 numbered copies will sell, but what I do know is that there are some damn fine poets and illustrators in this edition.

56 printed pages, including full colour illustrations. The cover and title page are printed letterpress and the binding is hand-stitched. The price is £9 +p&p. If you want to reserve a copy then drop me an email at -no money is required upfront. The copies will be ready to ship in April.

Hello again

The festive season over, January is delivering its usual parcel of grey days and empty pockets, but we carry on- and so does the production of Issue 3!

Sort of.

Unfortunately, my computer decided to check out before 12/12/12, so I have, up until now, been unable to design the layout and content of this issue. Fortunately, tomorrow I take delivery of a refurbished iMac of a beast. I will then be able to fire up the engine and steam roller ahead.

As a teaser, the title page will be spray painted with a stencil (unless that goes wrong; in which case I’ll do some finger painting). The issue looks like it will have approximately 30 poems and a dozen illustrations (I’m still waiting on a few artists to put down their wine bottles and deliver me the goods). What I have so far is a pile of pearls just waiting to be strung up into something you can wear around your neck (wait, that doesn’t make sense?).

Anyway, for those of you wondering what was going on, I hope this clears things up. If Allah/Jesus/Elvis allows I will be able to ship the contributor copies by the end of the month, with the issue going on sale early February. There will only be 50 numbered copies on sale for this issue.


and good afternoon/night/morning

Mr Lally




So the deadline passed, and we have now confirmed to everyone who submitted whether they made it in or not. It was a mammoth task and we probably had enough quality material to run two issues. However, as a one man production team, I (I’m giving up on the ‘we’, it is now just me- I had to let the cleaner go) don’t have the time in the day to produce two issues, so you get one. And boy is it going to be good.

The attached pictures show the cover coming together. They are letterpress printed onto forest green card using a Swiss Proof Press. I used  gold linseed oil ink and some wood typeface. I’m working out the content layout as we speak. Then it will all be sewn together.

I’m going to try and remember to update the blog so anyone interested can see how it’s coming together. All being well it will go on sale at the end of January 2012.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted and to all who have supported me on this issue.

Mr Lally

We are seeing an unprecedented level of submissions this time around, which is probably due to us listing on Duotrope, but could be due to us sharing a name with a hairy american rock band. We thank you for taking the time to submit and kindly ask for your patience whilst we read.

If you haven’t submitted then do. By the 10th November.

Anyway, if you were curious as to what we do around here then please note that there is still a small box of the charity edition left. 100% of the sale will go directly to help the animals at the Gozo SPCA (after postage costs), and we would love to sell this one out. Click on the Paypal Donate button to the right- don’t think about it.

Last point of note, we picked up a great number 3 printing block at the weekend. Matched with my alligator printing block we should see a tasty letterpress intro page (the cover will just be plain sexy).

Good night
Mr Lally